Ancien is a world fusion jam band that blends sounds of Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy, Medieval, Sephardic, Flamenco, Blues, Turkish folk, Middle Eastern and Classical music traditions. The band members come from a variety of musical disciplines and perform on instruments such as the violin, classical guitar, double bass, accordion, recorder, and kemenche (Persian spike fiddle). Middle Eastern percussion (like the darbuka, doumbek, and riq) and unique improvisations provide the driving force of Ancien's rhythm and style. 

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Winter Reflections and the "Well tempered Clavier"  

    Winter brings forth a time of  inward reflections and re-charging of creative juices. Falling snow flakes brings the desire for a warm fire, hot drinks and classical music. I set my mind to J.S Bach and his "Well Tempered Klavier". While being associated with Classical music Bach was a Baroque musician and a virtuoso of his day one can find other similar keyboard works by such composers as Alessandro Scarlatti and his sons Domenico .Scarlatti and Peitro Filippo  Scarlatti. The Video below is a selection of Pieces from the "Well Tempered Klaiver"  BK 1, were written as Keyboard works  for students and skilled players alike. Bach's own sons who became well known composers C. P.E. Bach and J.C. Bach studied from the works as well. J.S. Bach's music, for me, inspires an endless stream of creative musical ideas that is timeless and transcendent .The Creative Musician